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YouTube Automation

YouTube Automation




Learn everything you need to automate your channel and Make money on Youtube.

What will you learn?  

Whether you're new to YouTube or looking to improve and grow your channel, get to the next level with our Automation course.


Choosing Niches & Finding Topics

Figure out the best niche for your channel and learn how to come up with endless topic ideas.

Creating a Freelance Team

Learn how to build and train a freelance team you can trust, at an affordable cost.

Automating Your Process

Not all the work has to be on you. Learn to automate your channel and take a step back to relax.

Learn From The Best

YouTube Automation

Start a channel from scratch with the advice and processes from the people behind the YouTube channel. This 9+ Million subscriber channel produces hundreds of videos a month, and is teaching you every step of their automated process.


Why Automated Channels Fail (But Yours Won't)

What People Are Saying

Our students' success speaks volumes.

"I applied the steps in this course to my channel and within a few months, was seeing returns.

Danielle Davis


"The team has taught me a ton and has helped in my success." 

Daniel Jones


"This course has helped me learn to automate my channels and greatly reduce my costs.

Marc Hardgrove


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Meet Your Instructor


Tyler McMurray

I manage over 15 YouTube channels with a combined 30M+ subscribers. With each channel, I use variations of the outlined YouTube automation strategies to unlock massive growth and profitability, regardless of the niche. After several years of successful experimenting on YouTube, I've fine-tuned the YouTube automation formula so that anyone can replicate it with ease.

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